We believe that truly effective signage is created as a result of 5 key steps. At Signtech we live and breathe these steps to ensure that we offer the highest possible levels of quality and service.

These steps are:

We listen:
this is the first step in our business – determining the customer’s wants and needs.

We advise:
We give our customer’s the very best of our knowledge, skills and experience.

We design:
From understanding our client and taking into consideration their wants and needs, we create truly effective signage that is well built with low ongoing costs.

We manufacture:
Our in house production and graphics team’s build and install signs. We have high end technology with High Quality 3D channel lettering, plotter cutters and a true ink solvent printer. We also have a subsidiary, LED Distributors, providing LED lighting and power supplies.

We Maintain:
Always ensuring the lights are on!! Even after the end product has been completed, SignTech is available for follow up maintenance.

We install:
The success of any signage is the finishing .By controlling this we control the finished look as well as ensuring the sign is safely installed because as sign suppliers we are ultimately responsible for public safety.